The Hilarious, Expletive-Filled Kids' Books Parents Wish Existed

Children's book swaps are a great way for parents to spice up their kids' collection of oft-repeated bedtime stories. One group of funny moms is giving the kids book swap a little potty-mouthed twist.

Moms Laurel Coppock, Molly Erdman, and Megan Grano recently launched The BreakWomb -- a parenting-themed sketch comedy channel on YouTube. In their debut sketch, titled "Kids Book Swap (a.k.a Ode to Go The F**k to Sleep)," the moms take the seemingly innocent children's book exchange in an unexpected direction.

After exchanging Adam Mansbach's off-color classic Go the F*** to Sleep, the ladies continue by swapping made-up kids books with hilariously profane titles and pictures (for example: Learn the F***ing Alphabet, Sh*t for Brains).

If Adam Mansbach ever sees this video, he will certainly feel inspired.

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