The Brick Testament: The Bible Retold With Legos (PHOTOS)

The Brick Testament: The Bible Retold With Legos (PHOTOS)

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The world's largest, most comprehensive illustrated Bible isn't at the Louvre, or the Prado, or the Met: It's on the web, and it's made up of Legos.

The Brick Testament
features over 3,600 illustrations that retell more than 400 stories from The Bible.

The illustrations were conceived, created, and photographed by the Rev. Brendan Powell Smith (who is not a real Reverend and describes himself as "bigger than Jesus, slimmer than Buddha," as well as "highly presumptuous and extremely vain").

The project was started in 2001 and a book of Smith's photographs was released in 2003.

According to the Telegraph, the endeavor was a labor of love for Smith, who says:

I am not at all religious myself, but have a longstanding interest in religion, the Bible, and the study of ancient Christianity and Judaism, hence the nickname 'The Reverend.'

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