The Brick Man, Certified Lego Builder, Crafts Lego Coliseum (PHOTOS)

Behold The Lego Coliseum!

If you thought the Coliseum was an impressive work of architecture, wait until you see it made out of Legos. In Ryan McNaught's colossal Lego undertaking, little yellow gladiators battle it out at the legendary site. The artist split his colossal structure into two parts, showing it both as a new structure and also as the ruins in modern day Rome. As a result, the elaborate scene has all the classic elements of a Roman battle -- complete with gladiator helmets, spears, and trap doors -- as well a view of its modern life as a tourist attraction, with sunglasses, Jeeps, and more sunglasses.

The 20,000 piece architectural marvel was made by Australian model maker, who calls himself The Brick Man. McNaught is a certified Lego builder — yes, those exist — being one of a select 13 individuals around the world dedicated to the art of Lego construction.

See a slideshow of McNaught's masterpiece below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

LEGO Colosseum Photos

LEGO Colosseum

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