The Bucket List: Have You Made Yours?

Couple scuba diving
Couple scuba diving

We've all heard of it: The Bucket List. And I'm not talking about the movie, I'm talking about the real thing. For those of you who may not have heard of it, The Bucket List is a list of things a person wants to do or accomplish before they die. Or, more appropriately, before they "kick the bucket."

I haven't made one yet. Why? Because I guess I'm a bit superstitious. For many years, I even avoided making a will because I thought it was admitting to myself, God/The Universe that I was going to die. Yeah, yeah, I know we all are. But I think at some level, we all like to think of ourselves (and our loved ones) as immortal. Anyone who has had loved one die knows that even when it happens, it seems like the impossible just happened. The person you loved with all your heart is suddenly gone from this existence. And it's a sad, horrible experience when you lose someone.

But the thought of your own death can be equally scary. Some people aren't afraid to die. And honestly, I envy them because I kind of am. It's not that I'm an atheist -- far from it. I am spiritual, and I believe in an afterlife. But I'm having a really great life, and I just don't want it to end!

Even though I tend to avoid things like wills and bucket lists, I have been thinking about it more lately. You see, one of my best friends is facing breast cancer for the second time. Luckily, she caught it early and the doctors think she'll make a full recovery. However, I can't help but be sad because she's only 43 and is a single mom of three kids. And although we all like to think we're immortal, it's times like these that we are reminded that all of us are not. And that got me to thinking that maybe I really should make a "bucket list."

So here I go. I realize that there are a lot of things I can't control on this list, so maybe part of it is just a "wish list" of things that I would love to have or experience before my time is up.

1. Find my soul mate.

This one is probably on almost everyone's bucket list. I have had many relationships, one marriage, and two beautiful children. But now that I'm older and realize who I really, truly am, I now know the kind of man who would be like a soul mate to me. I hope I find him someday!

2. Grow my business and help as many people as possible.

Not only am I professor, I have several online businesses that are either already started or in the works and will debut soon. I love teaching, but taking my knowledge outside the classroom walls is a passion for me, and I hope to change as many lives as possible before I leave this world.

3. Have at least one online television show that improves people's lives.

I'm working on this one - I have two that will debut soon. One is called "Single Moms Winning" with a good friend of mine, who is also fellow single mom. The other is called "Live Laugh Learn TV" and is co-hosted with a male friend of mine. Can't wait!

4. Go on a cruise around the world.

I have always been fascinated by the ocean. And to me, one of the best feelings is being on a huge cruise ship out in the middle of nowhere. I've been on many cruises, but I really would love to take a long one around the world.

5. Go scuba diving.

While I have been snorkeling, I haven't been scuba diving. I think it would be awesome to see things under water like the fish, squid, dolphins, or even old ship wrecks. I'm sure I won't ever see the Titanic, but maybe something a bit closer to shore!

6. Ride in a hot air balloon.

I have wanted to do this since I was a kid. There seems to me something so magical about floating in the air in the early morning. I know people who have done this and they say it's amazing.

7. Spend the night in a haunted house.

Okay, I'm not 100% sure about this one. I might chicken out, but I at least would like to step foot into one someday. I might not spend the night, but maybe hearing one or two bumps during the day might be interesting!

8. Go to Machu Picchu.

I've been lucky enough to see places like the Egyptian pyramids and the Parthenon in Greece. But one of the places that seems so mysterious is Machu Picchu, and I hope to be able to go there some day.

9. Fly in a private jet.

I'm not a huge fan of flying, although I have no problem doing it. But, if I ever get to fly in a private jet, that means one of two things: (1) I'm rich enough to rent one (or buy one), or (2) I get to be good friends with a really rich person. Either way, it sounds fun!

10. Meet Keith Urban.

There is a running joke between me and my friends that Keith Urban was my husband in a past life. I don't ever have celebrity crushes (well, not since Shaun Cassidy), so it's very out of my character. But there is something about Keith Urban that draws me to him. I just love his energy, and for some reason, and he feels very familiar to me (I know that sounds weird). But I feel like I would connect with him really well. I'd like to see him face-to-face and have a conversation with him one day. Maybe on his private jet - I'd kill two birds with one stone! Ha.

If I continued, this article would turn into a book! But I want to ask you - what would be on YOUR bucket list? Whether you make one or not, doesn't even matter. What really does matter, however, is if you live your life with passion and make the most out of every moment!