The Bush Berlitz II

Elephant in the room = Katrina; Elephants in the room= The ones who kept standing and clapping; Health savings accounts = You can afford lozenges, just like Dick Cheney.
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Bushmini= English

Climate Change= Earth's changing climate

Earth's changing climate= Not getting COLDER

Climate change= Global Warming

Not gonna use Al Gore's words= Global Warming

It feels like I forgot something = Katrina

Elephant in the room= Katrina

Elephants in the room= The ones who kept standing and clapping

Health savings accounts= You can afford lozenges, just like Dick Cheney

Tax breaks for health savings accounts= Everybody rotate!

Democrat party= DemocratIC party

Economy is strong= Raised minimum wage

Raised minimum wage= DemocratIC party

Cut oil dependency= Cook with butter

Cut oil co. subsidies= DemocratIC party

Illegal Earmarks= Illegal Signing Statements

Ethanol= Farm subsidies

Energy Secretary= Rumpelstiltskin

Ethanol into gasoline= Weaving straw into gold

Run cars on cow and bull poop= Republicans get 100 mpg

Diplomacy= Not talk to our enemies

Talk only to friends= Coffee klatch

Health Care Program= Not talk prices with drug companies

Drug companies= Not talk to our enemies

Look forward to working with Democrat Party= Damn!! They won!!

Democrat Party= Bill to expand stem cell research

Veto bill to expand stem cell research= Look forward to working with Democrat Party

Democrat Party= Republic Party (The Republic, not The People)

No child left behind= Student loan interest 6.8%

Democrat Party= Student loan interest 3.4%

Homeland security= No cargo inspections

Democrat Party= Hey! What's in that crate??!!

Responsibility= Scandals, Medals to screwups, Rehab

Democrat Party= Congressional Ethics Reform Bill

Please welcome the Baby Einstein Lady, the guy who saved a guy on the subway, a marine who got wounded, a really tall basketball player, The Radio City Music Hall Rockettes, a dog who can rollerskate, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir!!!! = Quick!! Look over there!!!

Leader= President who addresses the issues and listens to the people and congress

George W. Bush= Master of Ceremonies of the United States

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