The Bush Berlitz

Because sometimes you need a dictionary...


Augmentation= Escalation

Surge = Augmentation

21,500= Pissing in the wind

Nucular= Nuclear

Strategy = Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Mission= Quagmire

Mission Accomplished= Premature Evacuation

Mandate= 29%

Sectarian violence= Civil war

Civil unrest= Sectarian violence

Sectarian violence= Civil war

Caesarian section= Shouldn't be taught in schools

New plan = Sweeps are over; rerun

Iraq Study Group= Milli Vanilli

Reviewed all options= Iraq, paper, scissors

Not open ended= The Grand Canyon

Sacrifice= Go shopping

New resolve = Eight vacations

Success that hasn't happened yet= Cubs win the World Series

I'll only put it in halfway= Number of troops first sent to

You don't look fat in those pants= Moo!

Not winning, not losing= Losing

Last chance for Iraq = Ms. Schiavo definitely has brain activity

Woronterr= War on terror

Tourists = Terrorists

Tourists, Woronterr = Fear! Fear! Fear!

Make Americans safer= Fear! Fear! Fear!

Make Americans safer= But not with condoms

Domestic wiretapping= Fear! Fear! Fear!

Habeus Corpus= So 1776

9/11= 9/11

Family values = One million Iraqi dead

Abortion is murder= One million Iraqi dead

Stem cell research is murder=Three thousand Americans dead

Culture of life= Three thousand Americans dead

Iraqis are free= Except the women

Clear Skies Initiative= Roll back energy plant emissions standards

Healthy Forests Initiative= Clear cutting forests

Clear Iraqi neighborhoods=Clear Neighborhoods Initiative

Patriot Act= It's an act

Energy Independence= No minimum MPG standards

Iraqi Independence = No minimum IED standards

The check is in the mail= And your grandchildren are
going to have to make it good

To step back now would force a collapse of the Iraqi government and result in mass killings on an unimaginable scale = I thought I was stepping on the brake, officer

Sacrifice more young men and women= Not my kids

Another 6.6 Billion = Not my money

A real plan= Not my job

Prime Minister Maliki= Queen Elizabeth

Moqtada al Sadr= Tony Blair

Al Qaeda in Iraq= Player to be named later

Shia "insurgents"= Half the seats in Iraqi parliament

Sunni insurgents= Tutsis

I'm the Decider = Let the Democrats come up with a

Rebuild Iraq= Not rebuild New Orleans

Prosperity= Halliburton, Bechtel

Responsibility= 9/11

Accountability= Dennis Hastert

Feasibility= Cubs win the World Series

Work with congress= Veto

Co- operation = Talk to the hand

My Fellow Americans= Evangelical base

Support for Israel= Getting Christ's room ready

No timetables= No timetables

Benchmarks= Timetables

Affordable health care= One million new uninsured this year

Booming home ownership= Balloon mortgages for poor people

Home ownership= Foreclosure

Iraq= Foreclosure

My presidency= Foreclosure

Bring the troops home, for closure