The Bush Legacy: On Par with Nixon?

With Bushie wrapping up his fun eight-year term as our nation's head do-gooder, he reflects with Charlie Gibson... Uh, what??? Yeah, you heard it right. Bush is getting all reflective now, and it brings up an interesting parallel between him and Nixon's legendary interview with David Frost. Yet, if Ron Howard had his way, you wouldn't put Bush and Nixon on the same plate...

Giving us some perspective, Ted Johnson offers an exclusive review of Ron Howard's new film, Frost/Nixon, as well as a portion of an interview he conducted with the Academy Award Winning Director (oh yeah, All Caps) at a recent screening. Don't skip out and miss Howard's Nixon impression. Apparently, it's what all the cool kids are doing these days. Teresa and Maegan also weigh in on the Bush/Nixon comparison, our leaders' difficulties in admitting mistakes, and the judgment of history.

Now, who you callin' a team of rivals? Hilary? Really? Didn't you disagree with her on everything? Yeah, a reporter asked that and what was That One's response: brushed his shoulders off. It's like the primaries didn't even happen. Obama's got some explaining to do, with his appointment of Senator Hilary Clinton as his new Secretary of State. Will Obama punish the reporters for asking about that? And what about this paradox of our current presidential duopoly, with every time Bush says something, the market crashes? How does that reflect psychologically on the administration, and how will the Mumbai terrorist attack affect Obama's first real days in office? Is this India's 9/11? How did the media respond, online and off, and how has it affected the Obama's transition? All on today's Wilshire & Washington.

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