The Bushevik Who Nailed the "Commies" at the DoJ

Often, when confronted with the evidence of vast election fraud by Bush & Co., people
hopefully assert that such big crimes were most unlikely, as it would have taken quite a
large conspiracy to pull them off, and, by now, someone would have broken ranks and
spilled the beans.

Well, there have been whistle-blowers -- Clint Curtis, Sherole Eaton, Stephen Heller
and, of course, Stephen Spoonamore, just to name a few -- but since the press has
tuned them out, their whistle-blasts have gone unheard by almost everyone.

Furthermore, although it does take many hands to sabotage elections, it really doesn't
take as many as you'd think. Indeed, it is the beauty of computerized systems that
a single rogue programmer can do far more damage than a whole wardful of party
hacks could manage in the bad old days of manual election theft; and he can do it
in mere seconds -- and undetectably.

Still, it does take a small army to deliver an election to the candidate who really
didn't win it. But if that army is a force of true believers, it is not likely that a few,
or any, of them will come clean. Those willing to speak out -- as Mike Connell
was, before Rove threatened him -- are the extraordinary few, as speaking out
can pose a major hazard to your health, as Connell's death may indicate. For
centuries, pre-Joe Valachi, no mafiosi sang.

And those who helped Bush/Cheney rig elections are, in their own way, "made
men," and therefore not the type to sing like birds. To grasp the sort of zealotry
that helped Bush/Cheney et al. "win" their various races, read this hair-raising
article from the LA Times
, about Bradley Schlozman, the regime's point-man at
the DoJ -- specifically, the pit bull sent to purge the Voting Rights and Civil
Rights Divisions there.

This man was (and is) a true believer with a vengeance -- literally, since he
was bent not just driving out but also punishing the "commies," "crazy libs"
and (my personal favorite) "mold spores" who, he imagined, had betrayed
this once-God-fearing nation out of rank "disloyalty." All of his malignant
vigor was devoted to the goal of shattering those two divisions of the DoJ,
so that the government, instead of helping to protect our right to vote, would
serve the party's drive to take that vote away from the majority.

Clearly, this Brad Schlozman is sadistic and fanatical--a kindred
spirit to the soldiers of the Inquisition, or of any brutal modern revolution. If you
want a good example from the Nixon Era, there's G. Gordon Liddy, another
rightist stalwart who would never crack, no matter what.

These new details about Schlozman's mission, and his attitude, re-emphasize
the urgent need for Eric Holder, and the Congress, to investigate Bush/Cheney's
systematic drive to ravage our election system. Otherwise, we'll let that regime
get away with murder--and leave them free to fight another day (i.e.,
the next Election Day).