The "Bush-Hastert" Photo: The Contest Winners!

First of all - congratulations to all the many entrants - and especially to the 20 finalists.

Some very witty entries made it to the finals. Proving that HuffPo readers can go way beyond flatulence!

Thanks also to all those who voted in this contest. The voting was very close.

Here are the winners of the Bush-Hastert Photo Caption Contest:

Here's the photo again:

hastertandbush copy.jpg

First of all a quick mention to an entry that didn't get many votes but was so gloriously surreal that it deserves one last outing:

The Hannibal Lecter Honorable Mention Award...

#8 After swallowing the final bite of the last sandwich, Speaker Hastert eyes President Bush... (submitted by austinmayor)

Tied for fifth place - three entries with the same tally...

#11 Bush: "Denny, you're doing a heckuva job!" (submitted by elbruce)

#16 Bush: "What do you MEAN you just remembered someone telling you about it?" (submitted by MA)

#17 "We're not worried about the election. Republicans have a history of coming from behind..." (submitted by CUatNuremburg)

In fourth place...

#4 Bush: "Can you hold it a few minutes longer Denny? I'm almost through." (submitted by patanderson)

In third place...

#18 Across the room, their eyes met. Something forbidden stirred inside of both men, causing them to re-evaluate their stance on gay marriage... (submitted by mrturnage)

In second place...

#3 Bush: "Denny! The question was about a November ELECTION cover-up! Not an ERECTION cover-up!" (submitted by ronmac)

AND THE WINNER IS (drum roll please!)...

#14 Bush: "You better clap, you fat fuck, or you're gonna be WORKING at Denny's..." (submitted by designer)

Kudos to "designer" for submitting the most popular entry!

This is the second consecutive win of our Photo-Caption contests by "designer". "Designer" also won the Bush-Karl Rove aide contest.