The California College of the Arts Gets Elemental at Nightlife

Walk into, "All is Not Lost," a 25 foot high inflatable iceberg by artist/designers Raphael Ajl, Brooke Francesi, Aaron Levin, Rob Sieg, and Lake Buckley

The California Academy of Sciences' Thursday Night "Nightlife" Series continues to be one of San Francisco's hottest tickets -- and certainly one of the Bay Area's most entertaining ways to spend your Thursday night. Every "Nightlife" features a conceptual theme with related music (a live band or DJ), installations, art, performances, and even a signature cocktail to offer the 21+ set a new adventure amidst a live rainforest where you're accompanied by the academy's own albino alligator, Claude. While you're there, you can also travel through space in the planetarium or in homage to the recent 25th anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake, experience what it was like to be in two of the biggest earthquakes in San Francisco.

So don't miss this Thursday's "ELEMENTAL," when the talented artist/designers from the California College of the Arts explore the elements of creativity. Immerse yourself in the work of a multitude of industrial, interaction, illustration, fashion, furniture and graphic designers from CCA as they highlight new technologies and innovative ideas that riff off the broad concept of the "elements."

• Become a human magnet and explore a GIANT iceberg!
• Defy gravity in a "reversed space"
• Make 3D models to create atoms, molecules, and large scale matter
• Learn how animals use evolved hearing to outrun or track down prey
• Create interesting and unexpected shapes with a "Body and Form" photography project
• Interact with color-changing carbon and hydrogen models
• Trace your neighbor's shadow! (it's harder than you think)
• Step into a "visualization dome" and experience animal vision in various environments
• Generate 3D sculptures with floating ping pong balls

You can also don a funky atomic "wearable" for an Instagram portrait, or become part of the periodic table yourself, through a temporary tattoo--this is your chance to become as good as Au. And from 6:00-9:45 pm, you can watch CCA's Maker Club in action as students carve unique skeletal structures from wood with master carver Maskull Lasserre.

Artist/designers include Rafi Ajil, Brooke Francesi, Bamidele Elegbede, Guangyu Jin, Maiya Jensen, Chhavi Arya, Rachel Rosensan, Cristina Gaitan, Maru Carrion, Cat Lam, Joey Cheng, Berenice Freedome, Catherine Lee, You-Wen Liang, Irene Chou, Matt Pearson, Anette Shirinian, Hamish Tennent, Liam Woods, Kellie (Kaichang) Sun; Xiaofang Mei, Leah Meyerholtz, Elizabeth Vaughan, Margherita Buzzi, Nikkole Hung, Mallory Van Ness, Bharath Haridas, Jiho Jung, Maya Kremien, Phumelele Mthimunye, Yuan Guo, Praree Kittidumkerng, Ryan McSwain, Ying Liang, Xiaofang Mei, Ritunjay Saraf, Nicholas Steigmann, Matthew Jackson, Sam Hobish, Xiaoxiao Zeng, Yang Xuening, and the CCA Maker Club.

All the fun starts at 6:00pm on Thursday night, or get a VIP pass for special treats, perks, and a behind-the-scenes tour. You can get more information here. The buzz is to get there early, so you don't miss a thing!