'The Californians' On SNL, Guest Starring Christina Applegate & Usain Bolt (VIDEO)

Tired as it may seem, SNL's "The Californians", which parodies Los Angeles residents for being vain, stupid and blonde, continues to entertain. There are really only three jokes --under-pronunciation, over-dramatic faces and street directions -- but lampooning the second most hated city in America isn't that hard to do.

The fourth installment of the sketch gave shout outs to California Dates, lagoon-style pools and the Getty Center. Umami Burger was also name dropped (yay!), but the sketch got a thumbs down when Devon and Stuart fought over whether the restaurant was located on Santa Monica Boulevard or Little Santa Monica Boulevard. The answer: neither!

It's reassuring to see that the sketch survived Kristen Wiig's departure. Watch Christina Applegate take her place in the video above, and stay tuned to the end for Usain Bolt's blonde cameo.



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