'The Californians' On SNL: Steve Martin Makes A Cameo On Daytime Soap Skit Poking Fun At People Who Live In The Golden State

Totally bro! "The Californians," our favorite daytime soap skit featuring the best of California stereotypes, is back at it. From Kirsten Wiig trying to master the simplest of guitar chords to long meaningful looks in the mirror, these California dudes and dudettes sure know how to talk. We mean, enunciate. What we're trying to say is, there's no rush in California, man. According to SNL, we say our words as slowly as we like. But that's not all. Everyone knows that a grocery store is our favorite landmark when giving driving directions, and this episode is no different with Vons/Pavilions getting its very own shout out.

Next there's a book party for "Classic Burger Joints In California," a Mick Jagger "I'm your father" surprise visit, and of course, SNL vet Steve Martin's appearance in the preview for the next episode of "The Californians."

But the most dead on stereotype comes, perhaps, when each character does their own version of the commonly heard phrase "no way!"

A wise person once said, "It's not the destination, but the journey that counts." "The Californians" really take these words to heart: giving driving directions and alternate routes is certainly their most practiced past time.