'The Camera Collection': Antonio Vicentini's Pixelated History Of Cameras (VIDEO)


Remember the satisfying click and wind of a disposable camera? Though not the fanciest of technologies, it was certainly an advancement in widespread, point-and-shoot photography, and made its way into the camera collections of most. Animator Antonio Vicentini remembers the camera, and many others, in his short animation "The Camera Collection."

Though not a thorough history, as he claims in the comment section of the video on Vimeo, the animation is a vignette of his own history with cameras. The minute-long pixilated animation starts off with a box camera, similar to the Brownie introduced in 1930, touching on some fun throwbacks like a Lomography camera from the 1980s, the good ol' disposable, ending with a modern-day digital SLR.

Watch below for Antonio Vicentini's "The Camera Collection:"

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