'The Campaign' Trailer: Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis Go Head-To-Head In Election Satire (VIDEO)

With the general presidential election in full swing, we've already seen both skirmishes between the two sides, and it doesn't seem like the dialogue could get much sillier than one where dogs and cookies are fair game. That is, unless you were to compare Obama and Romney to Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis, the stars of the upcoming movie "The Campaign," a comedy about a Southern election for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

In a new video featuring campaign ads for Cam Brady (Ferrell) and Marty Huggins (Galifianakis), the candidates (whose respective political parties are never mentioned, at least in this video) hit the same notes as real campaigns: Cloying seriousness, outrageous claims about patriotism, and meaningless buzzwords meant to evoke responsibility. But the Hollywood version is much, much funnier.

"Education is our future," says Ferrell's character. "Because schools is this nation's backbone!" The line sounds more than a little familiar -- Ferrell is famous for his impersonation of President George W. Bush, who once said, "Rarely is the question asked ... is our children learning?

According a synopsis of the film, Galifianakis' character, a small-town North Carolina business owner, is a last-minute Manchurian candidate propped up by wealthy CEOs in order to help out Ferrell. Without his signature beard and sporting a thick mustache, the "Hangover" star seems to be doing a version of his character Seth Galifianakis, Zach's effeminate "twin brother."

For Zach, the story includes some vaguely biographical elements. Galifianakis' uncle Nick Galifianakis was a real-life congressman representing North Carolina from 1967-73, before being unseated by Jesse Helms' campaign, who played on anti-Greek sentiment to beat Galifianakis.

The film, which also stars Jason Sudeikis, John Lithgow and Dan Akyroyd, and is directed by Jay Roach ("Austin Powers," "Game Change"), will be released August 10.