The Candydate

Every day I silently declare that I will not write one more word about Orange Julius Caesar, aka Don Corleone Trump. All the free air and print time that we are lavishing him with is his version of a Super PAC which you and I are paying for with our time and attention.

What has inspired this particular silent gut rant is the sudden realization that he who is ENDLESSLY MENTIONED is running his campaign like an unregistered pedophile.

Now I'm not being literal here, although the guy has made public his incest fantasies with a certain amount of disturbing, unedited glee.

What I mean is he is trying to lure the innocent and not particularly bright but no less (and understandably) desperate, into his jewel encrusted van with promises of bottomless bags of candy.

But you know as well as I do, being the smart, educated lot that you are, that like a pedophile, he is dangerously full of shit and is only in it for his own twisted, deeply perverted desires.

Is he in denial, like most perverts? Oh I think so. I'm guessing that his compact mirror is adult sized and he is just dazzled by his own distorted fun house mirror image. (Warning images may appear larger than they are---including both ego, comb overs and genital size).

And yet when blue collar America looks at him they almost incomprehensibly somehow see themselves.

But that is more about projection.

In this country if you are on TV you are given an full season pass to celebrity status and hey, who doesn't want to be just like that there super cool celebrity? It's almost like by association we think we can stand outside the barbed wire palace gates hoping that he will throw some gold coins our way. And how was that trickle down theory been working for you America? Better take out your umbrellas instead or the reign of piss will get all over you.

The fact that The Apprentice was nothing more than a parade of second and third level "celebrities" seems to have gone right over its audience's heads.

They simply did not get the joke. It was blindingly sadistic, as most reality shows are (I should know I worked on one and still haven't been able to shower the stench off me).

B.T. Trump turned his side show freaks into fumbling about to become disemboweled Ancient Rome gladiators for our amusement while we sucked down our boxes of Wine Coolers and swilled our burgers and fries at our McTroughs.

The infant king got to sit there and preside like, well, a true, smug, infant King, flanked by his stupifyingly bored and evil behind the scenes children henchmen/bookends.

You could almost hear them laughing, in-between shots, as they hovered, like buzzards at the witchcraft services table (a show biz joke) snarling and cackling at the completely staged WWE-like battle of the network bottom feeders.

And yet America took it as some kind of rebuke to privilege while it was nothing of the kind.

Where ego. I go. They are that clueless.

It was a bloody spectator sport for them and nothing beats the public humiliation and lashing of losers to Emperor Orange Julius Caesar.

And man does it ever go down easy with Veuve Cliquot and caviar.

Everyone down there can just fight over any leftover cake scraps.

Look, I fully understand all the dissatisfaction out there. Evidently so does the U.K.

President Obama initially had to first fix the problems of the rich (the banks and the car companies) that were created by the rich, whose overall punishment has been the opportunity to do it all over again. The banks are still ATM and mortgage fucking you while the car companies---some anyway---continue to kill you with things like grenade-like air bags that upon impact can send lethal shrapnel directly into your brain.

But Jesus everyone looks so dang happy all those car commercials. But hey, America, so can you! That is anyone who doesn't die from a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 19.

The everyday American schmo did not get to feel the true impact of this administrations massive globally felt accomplishments. Do they ever? Even a guy who was advocate for the poor in Chicago could not get it done...which is kind of hard to do when the Ku Klux Kongress makes sure the lynching tree is up and running, ready to string up any bills that could improve your lives.

And let's not forget that Trump's political party du jour, refuses to do anything about military weapons which are being handed out like free samples to terrorists and the mentally ill.

You would have thought that the grisly slaughter of Sandy Hook babies would have been the tipping point.

Here's the truth of what is happening.

The world is RAPIDLY changing at the hyper speed of the Internet and whether the old school WHITE right wing politicians want it or not, just like that there is same sex marriage and Obamacare and support for the LGBT community because that is what human beings want.

The days of the good ol' boys club is beyond over. Hubris meet Greece.

They can be smug and call true American heroes like John Lewis a terrorist (which they literally did) or call a sit in to save and protect American from mass shootings a "publicity stunt" all they want but I am here to tell you that the train of change has long left the station and none of them are on it.

If you look back at history, virtually ever modern day, sweeping piece of legislation that has created the most amount of change in our everyday lives has come from leaders of the Democratic Party.

If you don't know that, I suggest you to your homework and deal with facts instead of anointing your infant kind the first Spray Tanned Emperor of America.

Which brings me back one more time to Orange Julius Caesar.

The Emperor has no clothes, kids and they weren't made in America anyway.

He has has ZERO experience, ZERO knowledge of foreign policy plus he has fully admitted and bragged (as he did on camera the other day) that he has made millions off of debt.

Let me repeat that.

He has made millions off of debt.

Whose debt?

That would be yours.

The little people who to him look like swirling ants from high above in his palace perch.

And let me remind you that the Ivory Tower does not have even a tint of color.

How many Soviet leaders pretended to be for the workers while they filled the earth with thousands of dead bodies?

Stay away from the man in the van.

He wants to toy with you.

Play with you.

And when he's will be too.