The Car Plays: Real Drive-In Theater in Downtown LA?

The Car Plays: Real Drive-In Theater in Downtown LA?
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Couldn't resist the pun in that headline, but in this case the stage is a car, so it works. In fact, the stage is 15 cars. Thats the number that sit in a parking lot you're escorted to as you wait for "The Car Plays" to start as part of Radar LA/Moving Arts festival at REDCAT. Its adventurous theater packed into a Jetta or a Jeep or an Audi. 2011-06-16-carplaysphoto.jpg Here's how it works: you and one other person get into a car. A carhop shuts the door and boom, you're transported right into some drama. Or comedy. It engulfs you, envelopes you, and sometimes, it puts you in it. Using your parking ticket/program guide, you will bear witness to about 5 mini-plays or vignettes that last about 8-9 minutes each. And then you get out of your first car and on to the next one. And so on. In total there are 15 mini-plays in 15 different vehicles and given that there are only 9 performances left between now and Saturday June 18, better get your ticket to ride soon in order to see them all. Two favorites from this particular night were "Hipsters" and "Hollywood Hills" (from which the photo above is taken of actresses Jenn Swirtz and T. Lynn Mikeska).

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