The Best Islands In The Caribbean For Bar-Hoppers (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: The Caribbean's Best Bar-Hopping Islands

For many travelers, vacation is about spending time with your companions, sleeping, maybe even catching up on reading. For others, it's all about a party.

The Caribbean is a great place to blend the two passions: relax during the day, stay up well past bedtime at night. The islands of the Caribbean have a blend of salsa clubs and fancier affairs, as well as flip-flop beach bars and casual nighttime joints. put together a list of their favorite beach bars scattered about the Caribbean. While many of the bars look lovely (and who wouldn't want to be on a tropical beach now?), there are so many more that do the trick (just thinking about Le Select in St. Barths screams Caribbean dive bar).

Check out their list below and send us your choice for favorite bars: From beach shacks to dance halls, we want to hear about it!

Captions courtesy of Fodor's.

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