The "Allegory of the Cave" on Film

The story of my latest film, entitled Adventure of the Soul, has its roots in the well-known "Allegory of the Cave" which the Greek philosopher Plato uses to explain how a philosopher, a thinker and a seeker of truth, is like a prisoner, who is freed from the cave of ignorance and comes to understand that the shadows projected on the wall have nothing to do with reality. Enlightened, he has to persuade the others, the prisoners in the underground cave, about what the reality is -- not an easy pursuit.

Even though this particular myth was written twenty-four centuries ago, the strong and intense messages it conveys affiliate with our present. I would say that the most astounding part is the direct relationship of this myth and its messages, with the power of cinema and television and the influence they have on modern man.

Several researchers of the myth of the "cave" consider this myth the most complete representation of the human tragedy of the 21st century. Modern man, rapt in the era of technological advances, forgot about his original destination and goal. He became bewitched by the world inside the "cave," the false image, the illusive escape from reality and the elusive dream of television and cinema. If the "cave" of Plato applied to his world twenty-four centuries ago, today it has acquired a dramatic tension, because the cave reproduces the live of a false mirror, from which the light of the real sky is diverging and gets lost in the abyss of complacency and well-being of the few, and the tragic degradation of the many.

The power of Plato's fictional writing amazes with its timelessness and penetrates the mind of the modern, thinking man. It rings the alarm to those who want to be awakened and to get out of the "cave" where they live on the one hand without ideals and visions and on the other hand, under the authoritarian image of telecasts full of languid and morbid fantasies.

The film, Adventure of the Soul, tries to attribute the myth as accurately as possible, as Plato once described it. However, my clear intention as a director is for the film to be a pure cinematographic allegory. That is why if one reads the screenplay and compares it to the original myth, he/she will observe a few alterations such as the lack of narration or dialogues, or the addition of a character, the cave mistress, who supervises the conjurers and decides for the fate of the prisoners.

At 2005, during the production of the documentary film ENTELECHY (ΕΝΤΕΛΕXΕΙΑ), I read for the first time about this significant myth, which refers to the obtainment of real knowledge or education and the illiberality of man. It inspired me to such a degree, that I decided that with the first chance I would get, I would make a narrative short film about it. The idea for the film was finally materialized last August with the initiative of my son Hector, who is a director of photography working in London.

Filming was successfully completed in the midst of August, working long hours, sometimes overnight when the temperature was cooler or because we needed the darkness.

Unfortunately the money I had raised run out quickly. So at this stage, where the film entered the post-production phase, I am striving to raise the least of the money I need to complete the film. For this reason, I launched a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo.

The Impact

The film, Adventure of the Soul, will globally spread the message of the philosophy of Plato. It will contribute to the deepening of the awareness of mankind, which is kept chained in the cave of ignorance. Only brave decisions can lead us towards the Truth.

This globally known, diachronic myth, is worthy to be taught at every school worldwide. It is interesting to realize that this particular myth was never depicted through a short film with live actors. Adventure of the Soul will be the first of its kind. Thus, we hope that this narrative short myth we are preparing will take part on film festivals, will be watched on television, and will be posted on the Internet.

So join me in achieving my goal by spreading the word to your friends and people you know who appreciate Greek philosophy.

During the period of this campaign I will be sharing with you many production stills and video clips taken during the filming. Photos, video and blogs with descriptions will help you experience the fun my crew and I had and the magic of making films in the island of Love, the birthplace of Goddess Aphrodite. Stay tuned with our campaign site at Indiegogo and our website.