The Cayman Islands

Here is our guide to the different island experiences that await you -- a guide to discovering the Cayman Islands three ways.
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One destination and three ways to enjoy it; the Cayman Islands are the ultimate giver when it comes to luxury travel. Set in the Caribbean Sea, south of Cuba and West of Jamaica, this trio of islands are all equally spectacular, but for different reasons. By far the largest of the three, Grand Cayman is the entry point for this paradisiacal destination and home to lively beach life and resorts. A few miles to the east and you come across Little Cayman, the baby sister, who packs a punch for those looking to immerse themselves in the quiet of nature. And last, but certainly not least, Cayman Brac with its rocky enclaves and deep-sea fishing, an island ripe for the explorer.

Here is our guide to the different island experiences that await you -- a guide to discovering the Cayman Islands three ways.

Grand Cayman
Ever heard of Seven Mile Beach? This famous stretch of dazzling white sand curls along Grand Cayman’s West coast and is a popular retreat for many who visit the area. But far from being a surface level beach break, this island’s shores give way to an underwater playground that is begging to be explored. In fact, it is one of the diving capitals of the world, with an abundance of wrecks and sea life waiting. If you’d rather stay above sea level, then get active with some of the many water sports on offer or charter a little boat to discover the nearby coves. Back on terra firma you are spoilt for choice with bars and restaurants, from the low-key shack to luxe fine-dining and everything in between. There is something for everyone, so it’s little wonder people are content with settling in here and don’t catch the smaller planes beyond.
Cayman Brac
A short island hop away and you will find yourself surrounded by an entirely different landscape from that of Grand Cayman. Say goodbye to the stereotypical butter soft sands and instead find yourself fascinated by the craggy limestone shores, with wild cliffs rising above them. This is the place to indulge your inner explorer, as you make your way around the island’s abundance of caves. Have a go at deep-sea fishing or set out on some of the many hiking trails around the island, where you will see a variety of flora and fauna. There is scope for relaxing with a book here, but make sure you take your sense of adventure too.
Little Cayman
Aptly named, the littlest of the Cayman Islands is home to more bird life than it is people. The nature-lover will slot right in here, but regardless of your twitching history or interests, Little Cayman is a peaceful place to drink up the cool, Caribbean atmosphere. Take to a hammock and close your eyes as you rock back and forth listening to the calls of the wildlife that reside here year round. Eyes open; spot some of the cheeky residents trying to escape the sun, such as rock iguanas and red-footed boobies.