'The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes': Ty Almost Quits After His Partner Emily Pulls Blackface Prank (VIDEO)

"The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes" (Wed., 10 p.m. EST on MTV) marked the third time Emily and Ty have appeared on a reality show together.

They first hooked up when they were both castmembers of "The Real World: D.C." and then split acrimoniously. Then, they teamed up for "The Challenge: Cutthroat," after which she said she'd never work with him again.

But "The Challenge: Exes" appeared to mark the end of their collaboration after Emily pulled a prank that Ty found deeply offensive.

Thinking it would be funny to pretend to be Ty, Emily donned blackface and paraded around the house with Camila, who was pretending to be Paula.

Before they walked out in front of the others Emily had a brief moment of doubt and asked Camila, "You sure this isn't racist?"

Ty's initial reaction was "she's not that smart," but then as Emily started to yell "Baby! Baby!" he got angry and said sarcastically, "Oh, that's sort of not racist at all."

Later, with Camila and Emily still under the impression that their prank was nothing but a harmless joke, Ty confronted them and told Emily that he was leaving the show right there and then. "You lose. ... I'm outta here."

To which the totally clueless Emily could only ask "Why?"

Later, cooler heads prevailed after Emily apologized to Ty for the stunt, and he decided to stay in the competition.

Follow the fights on "The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes," Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST on MTV.

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