The Change You Want To See

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" by Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most popular quotes to date. This quote encourages people to not just wish for change but to live out the reason one wants to see positive change in the world.

Enter the IamTheChange™ campaign, a global social good photography campaign, brand and soon-to-be coffee table book that I created inspired by the popular Mahatma Gandhi quote to inspire others to embrace their WHY or to discover their WHY. I wanted to find a creative way to capture the WHY for everyone -- the reason WHY they are the change they want to see. Our "why," or the reason we are the change, is also tied into our purpose on this earth... the reason we were sent here. Over the next 7 months or so I will capture images of people across the U.S. and abroad. All people. Young, old, gay, straight, black, white -- from all walks of life. My hope is that through the many images, participants and gazers recognize their WHY. They embrace it and live out the reason WHY they are the change.


In keeping with my belief that the arts and imagery can effect and spark social change; I created
IamTheChange™ to not only combine two of my passions, photography and social good, but in hopes that it would inspire people.

We are all here on assignment -- a purpose if you will, and we've been given gifts to use while we are here. I figured what better way to communicate the idea of change than to use imagery. What better way to show people that their existence in the world matters and it makes a difference.


We all can use our gifts to inspire others to realize their own, and possibly spark the mind of the person that will change the world. So, what contributions do you have that may change the world? We all have something in us. We already have everything that we need.

Take a moment and visit and be inspired to be the change.