The Donald And The 'Cheating Husband' Debate: Round Two

Welcome to the Frazier vs Ali fight of 2016.

It was a brutish, snorting-like-a-barnyard-pig slug vs a cool, skilled, prepared and experienced boxer domestic squabble for 90 minutes. And most of the shots were beneath the belt.

They basically put the Babba in St. Louis.

Yet here the ring was a wedding band and the purse was the one that Hillary smacked Donald upside the head with. It's amazing that the cops weren't called in by the neighbors to deal with this loud disturbance.

Going into last night's fight, Hillary was the defending champion and Trump was Joe Bugner thanks largely to his grope-a-dope style. Trump was obviously not into training, was overweight and air challenged. He wanted to come across like Rocky but instead looked more like a bloated, over the hill punchdrunk Jake La Motta-- at the end of "Raging Bull' who was trying to get his act together, literally, for his next show in Las Vegas. Hey, how are ya doin'! Anyone from out of town? And who is this pretty lady?

It was about who landed the most punches and to my eye, this one was Punch and Judy.

Picture Hillary as the put-upon wife and Trump as the just-sneaking-in husband at three in the morning right after Hillary has discovered the Amex bill full of blatant cheating quality charges.

She accuses him of one blatant lie after another, pointing to the crunched, hard copy bill in her tightly coiled fist while he tries to talk OVER her, DENYING every single accusation, acting stunned, as if he was incapable of any kind of scurrilous behavior. We know he cheated. Hillary knows he cheated. The evidence, literally at hand, proves categorically that he cheated, but he thinks that as long as he can talk and talk and talk, never once defending himself with honor or even a modicum of truth, he cannot be proven guilty of anything.

And then in round two, he makes his cheating all HER fault which is a classic cheating husband move.

Rather than deal with the fact that the marriage campaign is over, he attacks her. He doesn't care if he's wounded or publicly humiliated her because this fight is all about him. It's always been about him.

Feelings do not play into any of his marriages, previous or otherwise.

The saddest thing of all is that Trump's hardcore followers, his minions of scorecard keepers, are the equivalent of the O.J. jury. Reams of evidence, facts and science mean absolutely nothing. They made up their minds long before the facts started pouring in like Muscular Dystrophy Telethon donations.

And just like O.J., who has the exact same outsized "Othello"-like ego and who went into a blind rage when his wife showed even a glimmer of insubordination in the form of independence, Trump continues to be the unfortunate and totally wrong recipient of everyone's anger at the establishment who have historically treated them so badly.

The fact is that your GOP-led congress single-handedly -- and with blatant racist contempt at the expense of the American public -- systematically destroyed this country with hubris and carefully aimed contempt and prevented even one single bill of any significance from passing in 8 years, just so our first black (!) president's legacy would be a tarnished means nothing.

Like Trump, they gamed the system just to show their white America that an African American man is not fit to be the executive in chief. Who is? Did you not watch the parade of Republican candidates who tumbled out of the packed GOP clown car? That is who they thought were the equivalent or were even superior to President Obama. The fact that Trump calls him "Obama" and not President Obama is a proof positive of his blind hate.

The fact that global warming can be seen in an event called Mathew means nothing. The fact that the Republicans want less government and yet it doesn't stop them from collecting, like Ted Cruz and his wife, Obamacare medical coverage means nothing. You hate it so much? You think you can do better? You're making a ton of money pal. You want to make a statement? Then don't fucking take it. NRA: No Republican Action. Ever. And that comes at the expense of how many innocent Sandy Hook-like children?

From the moment that Trump opened his mouth, taking a page right out of the Howard Stern playbook, by saying outrageous things in order to galvanize the Confederacy of Donces, America has gone straight down the toilet.

By giving license to the disenfranchised, uneducated masses to say and do whatever they want, motivated by nothing but racist rage, has flung open the door to violence. More anger has spilled out onto the streets since day one of his campaign. He has unleashed a beast that is squatting and crapping all over us and to his followers it smells like spring, when in fact we are one step away from very dark, nuclear winter.

Trump's self-loathing contempt for himself for not being able to be a man or even the man that either his father or grandfather were, (who single-handedly built the empire) has been as transparent as his steel deals with China and his ties made in Mexico.

His modus operandi has been to lavishly overspend, pretend that you're richer than you are, stomp on the little guy, hide from the banks, crash, destroy property ventures and then declare one chapter 11 after another (which is one more than a perfect 10 in his mind) so then he doesn't have to cover his debts and he gets to keep all the upfront money that was handed to him in good faith.

But sooner or later, every single night in fact, he has to go home, wash off his make-up, unravel his corset and stare at himself in the gilded edged mirror in horror and shame and to me, that is all the punishment that is required.