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'The Chew' Premiere: The Five Most Awkward Moments (VIDEO)

The Chew premiered earlier today and it was immediately obvious the hosts need a bit more time to work on their flow. We already summarized some early Twitter reactions. Now, below are some of the most cringe-worthy moments.

  • Michael Symon asks an audience member why she thinks his pork recipe is delicious. She responds that it is...delicious.
  • Daphne Oz opens Ester-C tablets right into the blender. Yum.
  • Michael Symon implores the audience to try a microplane.
  • The audience cheers Carla Hall on for using toothpicks.
  • Mario Batali demos a pizza recipe from a golf course in New Jersey. He reveals, after a long pause, that Italian pizza is from Italy.

Watch at your own risk: