The Chewable Coffee Business Just Got Some Serious Buzz

I Chewed My Coffee for a Week and This is What Happened

San Francisco, CA. Recently, I contributed to Nootrobox's Kickstarter campaign for a new product they were developing called Go Cubes, chewable caffeinated coffee bites infused with L-theanine (derived from tea), B6, and methylated B12 that they claim enhances focus and clarity. Nootrobox was started by some forward thinking Stanford and Google guys who now dedicate their lives to making all of our brains function better. Having followed numerous nootropic developers, Nootrobox's various supplements are some of my favorite go tos. And, I just couldn't imagine something as crazy and awesome as chewable coffee so of course I had to support it. Go Cubes are now in production and just won a ton of support at SXSW recently with bloggers going crazy for them. When my packages of these little lovelies finally arrived I decided to forgo my usual morning cup for the cubes. Each package of Go Cubes comes with 4 gummies which are the equivalent of 2 cups of coffee. After trying two at a time I settled on one cube which was all I needed for a nice early morning lift and the L-thiamine ensures there's no crash after the buzz wears off.



Better Buzz -- Caffeine + Nootrobox's nootropic blend w/ L-Theanine gives you a slower burning energy without the crash that can come from coffee
Precision Supplementation of Caffeine -- I'm able to regulate exactly how much caffeine goes into my system at a time.
Discrete, Portable, Fast Buzz on the Run - I love that I can take them with me anywhere and everywhere; keep them on hand for caffeine emergencies
Vanity & Value -- Doesn't stain your teeth, ruin your lip-gloss or break your wallet and they actually taste good, that is if you like the taste of pure drip coffee

No Mess. No Stress. Buzz On...

While the jury is still out on whether these awesome cubes increase my focus and mental clarity what I can say is that chewable coffee rocks. No seriously. And this is coming from someone who loves her morning coffee ritual - enough so that the baristas at our local Starbucks know my by name and my order by heart. I haven't given up drinking coffee altogether; I just drink it later in the morning and use the Go Cubes for my super early mornings or when I need a boost midafternoon. I also love knowing I have them with me at all times - especially when I travel -- should a caffeine emergency arise and no Starbucks or Peet's is in sight. And if gummies aren't your thing I've also found a similar blend of caffeine and L-thiamine in supplement form called Smart Caffeine by NaturalStacks that is excellent.