The Children of Jackson Ward--A Poetry And Photography Project

The Children of Jackson Ward is a project first developed as a small collection of poetry and photography. Christine Stoddard's poems capture what she heard, witnessed, and imagined during her time as an AmeriCorps volunteer at G.W. Carver Elementary, a historically black public school in Richmond, Virginia. Helen Stoddard photographed what she witnessed walking down the streets of the neighborhoods served by the school. Her photos depict the neighborhoods' complicated history and raw beauty.

The Children of Jackson Ward is now an online community dedicated to Richmond's Jackson Ward, Gilpin Court, and Carver neighborhoods. All are welcome to submit their poems about and photos of Jackson Ward.

Here are sample pages from the project:









And here is a video from the project, courtesy of Jessica Reidy and William Leith:

Visit The Children of Jackson Ward, a site built by Helen Stoddard and edited by Gretchen Gales.