The Christmas Spirit Is an Affront to Conservative Values

Tis the season for contrived conservative media outrage over the "war on Christmas."

You can see it at your local soup kitchen. It permeates the toy giveaway down the street. It infiltrates the clothes drive being held in your community. On the surface, this charitable giving may seem like the right thing to do for the holiday season. In reality, it's part of a nefarious plot being perpetrated by the lamestream media and Comrade Obama to turn true patriots into bleeding heart liberals and bring down this once-great nation.

This may sound farfetched, but consider the important national debates we have had over the past few years.

Back in 2012 Mitt Romney said "I want individuals to have the dignity of work." If you take a close look at these so called "charities," none make the men, women and children they help work for the food, clothing and toys they receive. Everyone knows there is no dignity in receiving something for nothing, yet these organizations seem to have succumbed to Obama and his "free stuff" society.

Another debate of the times is over laws making sure illegal immigrants don't receive practical benefits of legal citizenship. Another has been voter ID laws. Charities should be held to those same standards. Holiday cheer is only meant for those who are here legally and should be limited to one helping per person. Anything more sends the wrong message.

Another area of concern is the personal habits of the people showing up for these handouts. How many of these people are just going to trade in the toys and clothes they receive for drugs? Without a drug testing policy, children of poor drug addicts might end up with a toy or two for Christmas. Worse yet, these children could start to think that their parents' actions have no impact on how the system treats them. If these kids don't take personal responsibility for their parents, they really don't deserve toys, do they?

Former presidential hopeful Pat Buchanan stated that "Barack Obama is a drug dealer of welfare." Buchanan believes Obama wants "permanent dependency." This is something that many Americans have been concerned about for a long time. We shouldn't have a system that allows people to receive benefits year after year without some sort of work requirement. Yet that is exactly what charitable organizations do. Shouldn't these people be required to prove they are at least looking for work to participate in these programs that help the less fortunate?

What are the motives of these charities? Everyone knows that when liberals argue in support of welfare and food stamps, they are doing it to keep these poor people poor while simultaneously buying votes. Are these giveaways just a way to proselytize people in their time of need and tether them to a system of dependence?

If the results of the most recent election tells us anything, it's that Americans are in full support of the conservative Republican agenda that encourages all of those lazy "takers" to become useful members of society and join the "maker" class.

Charities are waging a full frontal assault on traditional American values and need to stop. If they refuse, Congress should spend much of the next year symbolically voting to defund these organizations. Protecting  the integrity of this once-great nation from the scourge of the downtrodden is a 365 day a year job.