The Civil War of 2016-2017

Tio Hardiman
Tio Hardiman

There is no other way to stop the killings in Chicago other than African American men unifying around the issue of reducing violence in their community. The Civil War of 2016-2017 is African American Men Reclaiming their Sons. If not, the violence will continue to spread like wildfire. Everybody is in response mode which dictates coming after someone has been killed. The police are also in response mode and this is one of the main reasons why the police cannot stop the killings because for over one hundred years the police only get involved once a crime has been committed. This is not a criticism of the police but more about facts.

Violence is one of the most infectious diseases known to man. Mankind has been killing one another since the beginning of time on earth. Therefore we should address this issue of violence as a Public Health emergency which makes violence a serious health concern the same way we look at AIDS, Ebola, and Cancer. People learn violent behavior from other people. The willingness to be accepted by your peers, poor impulse control, misjudgement of others, gang conflict, interpersonal conflict, illegal drug sales, illegal gun trafficking, mental health issues, and many more factors are driving most of the violence across the United States and especially in Chicago.

African American men should be given the opportunity to address the issue of violence in their community in what you call a nontraditional manner. Way too many young people are dying and we have enough trained African American men who know how to address this issue. However, this post might be wishful thinking but just think for a minute if African American men had their own way of reducing violence in their community with and without the police. You never know because things might just work out for the better. It's worth a serious effort due to the fact that nothing else appears to be working. Together we stand and divided we fall everyday.