'The Client List': Riley Discovers The List Is Missing (VIDEO)

It was the penultimate hour of "The Client List" before next Sunday's two-hour finale. This week, an alarm sent Riley racing to The Rub. There, she found that her office had been tossed, though one of the valuables had been taken. This was someone on a mission to get the client list.

Feeling a little shaken, she went to the secret place where she'd buried the list, only to find that it was gone. What viewers know and Riley doesn't is that Nikki had already taken the list. She was supposed to give it to Greg -- her one-time boss and cruel lover -- but had yet to do so. So things aren't as bad as Riley thought in that moment, but the list was out of her control, and that's just about as bad as it can get.

TV Fanatic said that Riley has been giving them a headache all season. They couldn't believe she'd bury the list somewhere outside of her control and just move on with her life as if it wasn't a huge thing out there. A huge thing that's about to come back and bite her in the butt next week.

Style Bistro is curious why Nikki is still holding on to the list. Is she protecting Riley, or does she have a different motive. Fans will find out next week on the season finale of "The Client List" at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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