'The Client List' Premiere: Jennifer Love Hewitt Offers Extra Services Towards Her Happy Ending (VIDEO)

While the name of the series and two of its stars may seem familiar, the television series version of "The Client List" (Sun., 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime) is not just an extended version of the 2010 Lifetime telefilm. In the film version, Jennifer Love Hewitt's character of Samantha had a husband who stayed by her side through a tough economic time. In the television version, Hewitt's character Riley had a husband for about a minute after she took that job.

He packed up and left her and their two kids long before she even agreed to take on the special client list down at The Rub. Had he not left, she might not have even done it. Cybill Shepard plays her mother again, but this one is going more for the long draw. And Hewitt proves that she can do more than just sashay around in skimpy outfits and offer "special" services to her massage clients. She's a good-hearted character, and one TV Fanatic can root for.

She's a little bit of a marriage fixer. In this premiere alone, she helped a lonely husband to open up on her table, and even got his wife -- who'd been stalking her -- to talk to her and cry about the state of her marriage. That's a whole different kind of happy ending, and one The New York Times thinks is a "weirdly" inserted element.

Jennifer Love Hewitt and "The Client List" continues Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime).

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