'The Client List' Premiere: Georgia Considers Selling The Rub, But Who's Considering Buying? (VIDEO)

Jennifer Love Hewitt is back at it as Season 2 of "The Client List" kicked off Sunday night, bringing another season of bad accents, overly-attractive johns seeking happy endings and drama you remember. But Riley's life was about to get even more complicated, as if the return of her husband Kyle wasn't complicated enough.

First, while she thought the law had finally caught up to her, it was actually Kyle they were coming for. After he'd abandoned Riley and their kids, Kyle decided that he needed to be able to provide for his family. So he decided the way to do that was to steal copper wiring -- and get caught. Not a great plan.

In order to afford his escalating legal bills, Riley proposed a radical idea to Georgia: sell Riley the Rub. Georgia had just talked about how she had a new beau and was growing tired of the double life. At the end of the episode, Georgia called Riley and agreed to sell her the business.

TV Fanatic is
concerned about Georgia's motive, though. "Was Georgia selling out to put the crush that was coming her way onto Riley? I sure hope not."

The episode ended with a judge -- and loyal customer -- telling Georgia that he's stalling the authorities as much as he can, but he's not sure how much longer he can keep them away from Riley. Is Georgia getting out from under it so Riley can take the fall?

The new developments were exciting for Style Bistro, who wrote, "What started as a just-this-side-of-ordinary suburban soap opera has morphed into something of a crime drama."

See if Riley can escape the law on "The Client List," Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on Lifetime.

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