'The Client List': Riley's Young Daughter Catches Her And Evan Kissing (VIDEO)

Things were getting more and more complicated between Riley and Evan on "The Client List," so an unexpected witness helped Riley make a decision. Things were instantly confusing for Riley's young daughter when she saw Riley kissing Uncle Evan. Understandably, considering their daddy was in jail, Riley hadn't said anything to her kids about what was going on between her and Evan.

In fact, she barely understood it herself. Now that her husband Kyle was back in the picture, she felt strangely obligated to him -- despite the fact that he'd abandoned her and the kids back at the start of the series. Evan had been there, but Evan was also their uncle, and that's how they knew him.

She explained to Evan that seeing them kiss was confusing for the kids. "I’m sorry, Evan. But I can’t. Absolutely cannot do this anymore," she told him.

Evan left without much to say, but TV Fanatic doesn't think Evan will stop trying. "My guess is he will temporarily," they wrote. "We have to hope the writers have been listening to us wanting Evan to win Riley's heart." StyleBistro agreed, saying that "the profundity and sincerity of Evan's true love for Riley can't be suppressed."

Find out what his next move is by tuning in to "The Client List" on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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