'The Client List': Riley's Work Follows Her Home In A Devastating Way For Lacey (VIDEO)

The fallout from Riley's illegal activities over at The Rub hit home in a real way, and in perhaps the most devastating way possible, on "The Client List." Lacey was attacked by a man who broke into Riley's house searching for that elusive client list. The attack was so violent that she was quickly rushed to the hospital.

It was the worst possible news. Lacey had only recently found out she was pregnant. After the home invasion attack, she wasn't anymore.

"Look, we tried real hard," Dale told her. "And when we’re ready we’re gonna try again."

Style Bistro thought the episode was an emotional roller coaster, as we'd only found out she was pregnant moments before she lost the baby. TV Fanatic thinks the fallout from this incident may see Lacey lose more than her baby, too. "If Lacey has time to process that it was Riley's fault that she lost the baby, she might not be in the best frame of mind to have her friend's back while she engages in criminal activity anymore," they said. "At what point do you stop enabling your friend when everyone around them is getting hurt because of what they are doing?"

The drama continues on "The Client List," Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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