The Clinton Campaign's Roulette Gamble

The New York Times
is reporting a key issue with the 2016 Clinton campaign.

In attempting to avoid a repeat of 2008's Iowa loss, the Clinton campaign has essentially
'put all the eggs in one basket'

Even though the Clinton team has sought to convey that it has built a national operation, the campaign has invested much of its resources in the Feb. 1 caucuses in Iowa, hoping that a victory there could marginalize Mr. Sanders and set Mrs. Clinton on the path to the nomination. As much as 90 percent of the campaign's resources are now split between Iowa and the Brooklyn headquarters, according to an estimate provided by a person with direct knowledge of the spending. The campaign denied that figure.

The focus on Iowa, which still haunts Mrs. Clinton after the stinging upset by Barack Obama there in 2008, has been so intense that even organizers in New Hampshire, which holds its primary on Feb. 9, have complained to the campaign's leadership that they feel neglected.

It seems that in choosing to place all of the chips on Iowa, and in doing so, has shown just how much the Clinton campaign underestimated the enthusiasm of supporters of Senator Sanders for President.

Bernie Sanders' lead in polling versus Republicans is larger than Hillary Clinton's, so along with the 'inevitable' argument, the 'elect-ability' argument is also collapsing.
And as seen in the January 17th Debate, it would appear that Senator Clinton's last hope is to
place all her chips on embracing her former Primary opponent, Barack Obama.

It would seem if this last ditch, strategy, pardon the tongue and cheek, is putting all her chips on 'black' to win,
but unfortunately for team Clinton, Bernie Sanders has gained momentum already within the activists in the African American community, highlighted by this discussion with Killer Mike, Cornel West and Senator Nina Turner on the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King.

Also notable, as I myself am a volunteer for Bernie here in Colorado, which is part of the Super Tuesday slate of states on March 1st, one week after Nevada,
I can attest to the significant organization here on the ground.
Here in the Denver Metro area, yes, there is a paid set of staff members from State director, to regional to field etc.
But what I have not seen, even with Obama's first run in 2008, is the amount of Volunteers who are donating their time and effort - in the Denver Metro region, there are already more than 3 field offices, nightly Iowa phone banks, and daily neighborhood canvasses.
If Hillary has placed 90% of her efforts on Iowa, and now that the Clinton campaign is starting to realize and is now admitting that it's going to be a long Primary how will her campaign keep up with the impressive ground game of the Sanders' staff, and more importantly, the volunteers?

Last note,
I myself on last weekend's canvass distributed 10 Bernie bumper stickers door to door to supporters, in just 2 precincts.

Let that sink in, for those of you concerned about the General Election,
Bumper stickers, for Bernie are in demand January....

And that's not even taking into consideration who his running mate is rumored to be...