The Clinton-Clark Ticket: What Are The Chances?

If Hillary becomes the Democratic candidate, questions will emerge about national security. To circumvent this, she'll need a running mate whose very presence negates the need to pursue them for long.
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This has been on my mind. Look at it this way. Hillary Clinton knows her own baggage. You have to give her that. She knows the advantages and detriments of being a Democrat, potentially the first female candidate for the U.S. presidency, and Bill Clinton's wife.

If she becomes the Democratic presidential candidate, questions will emerge regarding national security and defense. Is she as a woman and a Democrat soft on terror? Does she support the troops? Is she militarily savvy? To circumvent inordinate focus on such issues, she'll need a running mate whose very presence, to say nothing of his record, negates the need to pursue them for long.

Wesley Clark possesses first hand comprehension of the perils of war and is a believer in thorough strategic preparation and on-the-ground versatility. He's an able communicator with an appreciation for negotiation as a vehicle to peace. His political views are not far from those of Clinton.

Clark is refreshingly intelligent. He graduated first in his West Point class and became a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford where he received a Master's Degree in politics, philosophy and economics. He subsequently obtained a Master's Degree in Military Science. A former debater, he is not a one-track thinker. He gave over three decades to the Army, during which he was shot four times yet continued to lead, earned The Silver Star and became a four-star general. "My heart's greatest gladness," Clark said, "has always been answering the call and defending the country."

He's a patriot with potential and not at all oblivious to the pathologies of Washington politics. He has some baggage too. But who doesn't? He gives orders but has taken a lot of them too.

If Hillary Clinton is the Democratic candidate for President of the United States and she and Clark haven't had some secret falling out, expect the General to be on the VP short list.

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