The Clock is Ticking, Mr. President

Frankly, I don't believe that more troops is the answer for Iraq. It's a
civil war and America should not be policing a Sunni-Shia conflict. In
addition, we don't have the additional forces to put in there. We obviously
want to support what commanders in the field say they need, but apparently
even the Joint Chiefs do not support increased combat forces for Baghdad. My
position on Iraq is simple:

1. I believe we should start redeploying troops in 4 to 6 months (The
Levin-Reed Plan) and complete the withdrawal of combat forces by the first
quarter of 2008. (As laid out by the Iraq Study Group)

2. The President must understand that there can only be a political solution
in Iraq, and he must end our nation's open-ended military commitment to that

3. These priorities need to be coupled with a renewed diplomatic effort and
regional strategy.

I do not support an escalation of the conflict. I support finding a way to
bring our troops home and would look at any plan that gave a roadmap to this

It's been two weeks since the Iraq Study Group released its plan to change
the course and bring our troops home. Since then, the President has been
on a fact finding tour of his own administration -- apparently ignoring the
facts presented by those in the military who know best. The President
needs to put forth a plan as soon as possible, one that reflects the reality
on the ground in Iraq and that withdraws our troops from the middle of this
deadly civil war.