'The Closer': Kyra Sedgwick Reflects On The End Of The Series (VIDEO)

Kyra Sedgwick'sThe Closer" is in the midst of its seventh and final season. Sedgwick appeared on "CBS This Morning" to reflect on the end of her journey playing the rule-breaking Detective Brenda Leigh Johnson.

"There was a lot of boo-hooing the last month or so of the show," Sedgwick recalled. As for whose decision it was to bring things to a close, Sedgwick acknowledged that she made the call. "It was my choice, it was time, it felt like," she said.

Although the actress was resolute in her decision to leave, it didn’t make things any easier. TNT put together an emotional goodbye video together featuring a misty-eyed Sedgwick thanking the show's cast and crew. It also included footage of the moment moment when the show wrapped production for the final time.

While Sedgwick is moving on, fans of the show can take solace that "Closer" spinoff "Major Crimes," a new show focusing on Mary McDonnell's character Captain Sharon Raydor, will be premiering directly after "The Closer" series finale August 13 on TNT.

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