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You zone your electrical system and your plumbing system so why not zone your heating and air conditioning system?

Zoning your heating and air conditioning system has gotten a bad rap for years because of improper installation and misinformation with homeowners.

Zoning is one of the best items you can do to your system, your energy savings, and your comfort. One of the most common problems in homes is a room that gets too hot or too cold. One of the solutions to solve that issue is getting your system zoned.

For that room that is too hot or too cold. When you go with zoning, a temperature sensor or thermostat is placed in that space so it gets the heating or cooling it requires to keep it the temperature you want.

Heat or cool the spaces you stay in instead of the entire home. Some live in a home that all of their children grown and gone so they spend most of their time in the living room and in their bedroom. The remainder of the home is left at a specific temperature but the main activity of the heating or cooling is zoned to those two spaces they stay in. It saves energy because you are not heating and cooling spaces where there is little activity.

We have done over thousands of zoning systems through the years and I believe it to be the best option instead of multiple systems in the same home. Depending on the home and what the home will let us do, zoning is not always possible but it is always explored.

Consultant a professional for your specific situation to see how zoning can work for you.

Your friend in comfort and energy savings,

Derek Cole