The Comical Reality Of Baking With A Toddler At Christmas

There are some ... unique challenges.

Accomplishing any task with a toddler can be challenging. That's especially true, it seems, of holiday activities like baking Christmas cookies.

Mom and HuffPost blogger Jennifer Todryk shared a video of her special cookie baking day with her 2-year-old son Von.

As the video shows, baking with a toddler involves a lot of distractions -- from attempts at eating uncooked ingredients, to constant reminders to "wait until after dinner!", to ultimate abdication in favor of watching cartoons on the iPad.

In a follow-up video, Todryk showed that Von was a little more invested in another holiday activity: making a gingerbread house. Still, that task came with its own set of challenges, like trying to stop him from eating the house...

To all parents of toddlers this holiday season, best of luck!

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