The Conceptual Brilliance of Photographer Cedric Blanchon

Cedric Blanchon is a truly unique photographer. His imagery is conceptually intriguing, technically sound and full of rare artistic honesty both about himself and the world as he sees it. His concepts are so well executed that the message is blatant and often disturbing. To me, his artistic honesty coupled with his technical skill make up the brilliance of his art. Cedric's tool of choice is an iPhone, the lens, canvas and brush where his creations become art.


"And we go leave in smoke, our past memories." Cedric Blanchon, 2013

Cedric is the 2013 overall winner of the Mobile Photography Awards, an annual competition with a $3,000 overall grand prize. Cedric is a prolific artist with seemingly never-ending ideas and concepts to his various artistic creations.


"Henry, portrait of a cereal killer." Cedric Blanchon, 2014


"Later i would be electrician, like my daddy!" Cedric Blanchon, 2014


"Need holiday?"

"You also go on vacation, to the heavenly places, girls, sun, the sea! This was a message from the tourism program of the corporation. (Do not stay more than an hour with your transmitter, or your brain may grilled)" Cedric Blanchon, 2013

Cedric's photography is not limited to the surreal and often bizarre. He has an exceptional eye and is also a well accomplished street photographer. Given the opportunity to dive into other areas of photography I have no doubt's his only limits would be the amount of hours in any given day.


"Untitled" Cedric Blanchon, 2014


"Macadam chroniques" Cedric Blanchon, 2014


"I see you" Cedric Blanchon, 2013

To see more of Cedric's work, you can find him on the platforms listed below.

The Mobile Photography Awards are currently open for submissions October 1, 2014 - December 1, 2014. To find out more click here.