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To say the Internet “has changed the world” is an understatement. Technology, with its multiple levels of impact in our lives, has a constant trend of creating a new universe of mentors and influencers, either by necessity or by choice, to tend to the reach of these new technologies and how they impact our behavior as consumers.

But, why would you need an influencer for, or better yet, why would you choose between on Influencer over the other? This would largely depend on who you are or what kind of audience you want to target since, for each marketing necessity that arises, the internet itself produce certain authorities that will generate new ways to induce buyers into spending their money on a new product, even if this means sending a tweet or posting a picture on Facebook.

Some of these individuals are considered gurus on their respective fields of expertise, and top companies look for their names in search of the magic touch, the wow effect that will impulse their brands.

In a League of their own

Admired as “junior” celebrities, some of today’s most flamboyant Influencers possess large groups of followers that will gladly receive advice that ranges from what’s the hottest brand of hiking shoes to what new shampoo has just been released. Their partnership with a brand can represent the difference between a successful comeback of an old brand appealing to newer generations or a campaign that can well sink that same brand back into oblivion forever.

So, from this stand point, an Influencer can do you much good in terms of boosting your digital marketing to reach the audiences you want. Since Social Media outlets are windows to measure human behavior – including shopping patterns – its metrics can tell us the percentage of consumers inside any demographic groups, and allow us to make better ad campaigning.

If you know, for example, that a certain group of your target consumers also follows a certain individual considered by them as an Influencer, you’d be doing your brand a favor by looking for ways to link your brand with this specific individual. Because this is what Influencers do: the impact they have over their followers reaches as far as influencing their shopping decisions, and these should be good news to you.

Hot vs. Not

There are as many types of Influencers as there are behaviors to influence. Influential people share content, like posts and photos or can comment on a small post and enhance it just by the number of instant retweets that comment produces, and this creates engagement from users about a specific issue.

Therefore, brands can benefit from an influencer or be destroyed by one. Video Games like “Minecraft” or “Silent Hill” have obtained a gargantuan aid from regular gamers turned into social media celebrities such as Pwediepie, a Youtuber with a whopping 45 million followers that watch his gameplay videos while listening to his outrageously funny comments on a regular basis, and the sales for these gaming companies have exploded in a way that any ad campaign could have not perceived or resulted in such a success.

On the other hand, an influencer can use his or her voice to oppose a specific event or product, such as the case of British actor & comedian Ricky Gervais and his campaign against bullfighting in places like Spain or Mexico. By using a sarcastic tone sometimes and a hard-liner on others, Gervais’ protest reaches hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook and Tweeter thus raising awareness in regards to this controversial topic.

Matches made in Heaven

As Social Media metrics and statistics are received from a real-time perspective, companies don’t necessarily have to wait for shoppers to react at the shelves when an influencer endorses a brand via a Tweet of a Facebook post, as followers themselves will provide the level of engagement with the product endorsed automatically by Liking, retweeting or sharing it on their social media channels.

However, since the vastness of the Social Media Expertise world is so broad, some sites will help you find out the best Influencer for your particular marketing needs, be it a new digital campaign, a website development or to increase traffic and create brand awareness inside a particular niche. Places like act as hubs where the best influencers can be found on the web, and of course, fitting any specific need you have.

Such is the case of Miami-based and self-made influencer Jony Privat who has recently endorsed the famous but probably forgotten Old Spice brand by refreshing with his own image. Privat is also a digital application and website developer with multiple certifications as well as an EDM Producer (Electronic Dance Music) which gives him an extra edge over other Influencers since music is a great and powerful connector within Millennials, which represent a huge chunk of Privat’s legion of over half a million followers on Tweeter.

Be the Hype

To have an Influencer endorse your brand is like being the best buddy of the Captain of the Football team, or walking into a club with a friend so popular and liked that when others see you hanging around together, they’ll also think you’re cool and will want to hang around you too. Because Influencers can work as a rabbit’s foot or a lucky charm, but nothing is left to luck when you are choosing a good Influencer that best suits the image and message you want to convey to customers and buyers.

So, get yourself an influencer. Because at the end, it all sums up to a natural and simple human equation: Winners want to hang around winners, and influencers are winners.

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