The Continuing Saga of Tom DeLay, from Texas

Earlier today Tom DeLay was indicted on another charge of money laundering. This is his second indictment in a week and came a day after DeLay vowed to return to a house leadership position.

Is this another case of Democrats using the criminal process as Robert Novak wrote in his column? Is this another indictment that DeLay won't be able to understand, as he said last week when he read the first one, a relatively straight forward four pages?

How many Tom DeLay cronies have to be under investigation? How tight do the links to Jack Abramoff have to be? At what point will the right wing of American politics take a close look at what they have become -- wasteful, corrupt, liars who are interested only in winning even at the cost of their own country.

All the right leaning blogs, Fox News anchors, Tom DeLay and friends, who spent the last five days defending their leader can now start their apologies for the lies they've spread in the past week alone. Then we'll go from there.