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The Coolest and Easiest Way to Separate Egg Whites

Ah yes, the old empty water bottle trick.
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Many recipes call for just egg whites, (like these dank coconut macaroons), but separating eggs can sometimes be a hassle. There's always the traditional way, which is effective, but can seem a little intimidating for cooking newbies. You could just scrap the whole thing and fry an egg with this incredible trick. But no, no. Sometimes you just need those egg whites to when you're absolutely craving your favorite egg white veggie bites. So here's a different way: ever hear of using an empty water bottle? Not only is this method practical and makes use of materials pretty much right at hand, it is also pretty fun (and an impressive trick to show friends).

1. Wash the empty water bottle. You don't want the gross germs and bits of someone's dinner touching the eggs you want to separate. You'll also want some eggs and a bowl (or two if you want to keep the yolks). Crack the eggs into one of the bowls.

2. Squeeze the water bottle.

3. Place the opening of the bottle over an egg yolk, still squeezing, and slowly let go of your squeeze. The yolk should get sucked right up.

4. Your yolk should now be inside your water bottle. You can either throw it out or keep it if the recipe calls for it. For more eggy recipes, check out these 18 new ways to amp up your eggs.

Original post by Andrea Willimetz on Spoon University - Rochester. Photos and GIF by Chelsea Choi.

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