The Coolest Snapchat Geofilters Across America

By Talia Avakian October 13, 2016

This article originally appeared on Travel + Leisure.

Travelers using Snapchat have the opportunity to collect something way cheaper than souvenirs: geofilters. Whether they're ready-made or design-your-own, these digital transparent overlays provide fun context for your photos—and, when screen-shotted, something to remember your time traveling.

Below, some of our favorite Snapchat geofilters from across the United States.

Geofilter for Austin, Texas.

#Austin #Texas #Snapchat #Geofilter

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Geofilter for Iowa.

#Cornfield #Iowa #Snapchat #Geofilter from @bstallman

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Geofilter for Hayward, Wisconsin.

Geofilter for Soho in New York City, New York.

Soho, NYC🚦 #Geofiltersz #nyc #city #shopping

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Geofilter for the Niagara Falls.

Geofilter for Tucson, Arizona.

This Tucson geofilter totally looks like it could be a level in Super Mario, and yes I put Mario there to prove my point

A photo posted by [stefanie] 🌵🌞 (@ishirleywould) on

Geofilter for Downtown Florence, South Carolina.

a community geofilter for Downtown Florence, SC #snapchat #geofilter #graphicdesign

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Geofilter for Del Mar, California.

Geofilter for the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri.

#gatewayarch #stlouis #gatewayarchstl #stl #stlouisarch #snapchat #geofilter submitted by @jacq.lohmann

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Geofilter of Lands End in San Francisco, California.

#LandsEnd #SanFrancisco #California #Geofilter

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To see more geofilters, continue reading here.

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