The Cost of Free: Stop Chasing Shiny Objects and Invest in Yourself

The Cost of Free: Stop Chasing Shiny Objects and Invest in Yourself
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"The best things in life are free", couldn't be farther than the truth.

I know what it's like to see something that I know can improve the quality of my life and think "I can't afford that". I also know what it's like to go through something with zero support. It. Just. Sucks.

That's why I became a coach. I saw that I had a clean slate to be, do, have anything I desired. I did just that and I live to serve and help other women do the same.

Many women going through a major life change think they can't afford a coach or help. I think we can afford anything if we actually want it - whatever "it" is. Start saving your receipts for 30 days. Look at where every penny goes. If you're spending your dollars on bullshit and lattes, you can afford "it".

Am I trying to guilt you into hiring me? Nope, No way. Never. I get it, you're worried about money. I've been exactly where you are. I'm not busting your lady balls here. I'm someone who is actually on your side and is not looking for a way to exploit you or play on your fears.

Bottom line: I want you to be in the life you want, without having to be inauthentic. I want you to stop pretending to be okay. I want you to meet people that will support your struggles and promote your hustles.

I want you to win. So, what I am saying is that you need to invest in yourself. Maybe with me and maybe with someone else. Whatevs - just do it!

But free is fine, right? You can stay on that email list or in that Facebook group and still get your daily dose of atta girls. Try exchanging "I'm awesome online" for a cup of coffee. The barista will laugh in your face.

Every expert, me included never gives you everything in a no or low cost platform. While you think you are getting the keys to the kingdom, you are only getting a view from the cheap seats.

I am not saying that you can't make a goal or dream happen on your own. I am saying that wanting it isn't enough. Reading about it isn't enough. Walking the walk takes help to get that win - whatever that means to you.

Ask Tiger Woods. He had three swing coaches. You didn't really think he made it and stayed on top all on his own. Or did you? "But Lisa, he is rich and can afford that". Duh, he didn't start out uber wealthy. He practiced and put in the work and invested - over and over and over again.

It is no different than the high school cheer or track coach you had. You won or improved because someone believed in your ability and pushed you to do better and be a champion. You answered to them and if you slacked there was a consequence(s).

Wasted time costs a lot more than money ever will!! Trust me, I know this first hand. I was the queen of shiny objects. I had a dropbox folder full of eBooks, newsletters and helpful tips from whatever coach was sparkling the brightest that month.

On an average, think about how much time you might spend each day or over the course of a week on "self-improvement". It could be anything from reading a book or articles, social media, or sitting in on a guru's teleconference.

Think about how many webinars, free newsletters, or tips pages you have subscribed to in the past few months to a year's time. One would consider all of this beneficial, right?! Well, sort of. Unless you whole-heartedly apply this consistently to your situation, it is all for nothing.

What is your success rate based on reading all of those? Did you launch that business, get that relationship, up-level to the position you wanted at work? If you answered yes, I am virtually high-fiving you right now. That is some serious focus and self-control.

Free comes at a much larger cost when it is wasted time.

Nothing you will ever work toward or actually have in your life will come without a price tag. Even if you don't exchange money for what you are getting, you will indeed pay for it with your time or energy.

While it is amazing to be able to soak up knowledge or words of wisdom from your favorite author or personality - what have you really gained?

Great insight perhaps, but unless there is accountability and follow through, you may never reach that four hour work week, unapologetic freedom or the entrepreneur lifestyle you so desperately desire.

Lisa Schmidt is a Reinvention Catalyst for women. She lives in Detroit,MI. If you have questions, send them to her directly Right Here. Are you in need of support around your divorce? Let's connect and thrive together! Join my free newsletter to get advice and tips to guide you in navigating your new or reclaimed life, a free mastermind group, and a copy of my eBook "Reinventing Me" HERE.

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