'The Council Of Dads': Bruce Feiler's Battle With Cancer Inspires Him To Create A 'Parenting Community' For His Daughters (VIDEO)

When Bruce Feiler was diagnosed with cancer, he immediately thought of his two young daughters, and what would happen to them without him. His solution was to create a "council of dads" -- six of his best friends who could be male role models for his daughters if he were to die. Feiler spoke about the council and his new book "Council of Dads" on the "Today Show" this morning.

He thought of the council as a "team of godparents," he said, each member chosen for something specific that he could teach Feiler's daughters. Though he is now cancer-free, Feiler still feels that his council is essential, and says that he came to realize that it wasn't about his illness, and it wasn't even about parenting, but rather about friendship. It was about "the simple act of sitting down with your closest friends" and talking about what's important, and Feiler says that we don't do it enough.

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