The Country Can't Afford to Elect John McCain

We are in the worst financial crisis this country has faced in modern times. During these eight long years of Republican control, we have seen runaway greed, the deregulation of financial institutions and the mismanagement of the housing market resulting in the skyrocketing number of home foreclosures. This has led to a disastrous unraveling of the U.S. economy. We can't continue with four more years of the irresponsible practices and policies of the Bush administration.

The country can't afford to elect John McCain! In his own words he admitted that he doesn't know much about the economy. The day the stock market plunged 504 points, McCain agreed with President Bush that "the fundamentals of the economy are strong." For 26 years in Washington, McCain has supported deregulation of the financial sector. He even chose Phil Gramm, a key player in the mortgage crisis, to be his chief economic adviser before the former Texas senator resigned in disgrace. With this type of judgment, who would be Treasury secretary in a McCain administration?

McCain has illustrated his lack of judgment time and time again. Not only did he pick an unqualified running mate, but he supported the Bush Doctrine, this preemptive, unnecessary war in Iraq, a war that Barack Obama was against from the beginning. Five years later, the war continues, costing the American public $435 million a day -- money that is desperately needed here at home.

So, as the war wages on and the economy continues to falter, as the government spends billions bailing out companies from bankruptcy, who is left to pay the bill? The American taxpayers -- the people who are working harder for less and are watching their 401K, pensions and life savings disappear. Barack Obama is fighting for these people.

We need a President Obama, a man of intelligence, integrity and vision, to end the war, to lift us out of this economic storm, and to lead this country back on the road to prosperity.

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