The Country's Oldest School Teacher Turns HOW OLD Today?

Agnes Zhelesnik shares her secrets.

What's the best way to celebrate your 102nd birthday?

By doing what you love, whatever that is.  

For Agnes Zhelesnik, that happens to be her day job. The centenarian teaches sewing and cooking at the Sundance School in North Plainfield, New Jersey and is thought to be the oldest employed schoolteacher in America. 

Bill O'Reilly honored the 102-year-old's milestone birthday Tuesday on "The O'Reilly Factor." Zhelesnik shared some sage wisdom for how the rest of us might try to achieve the same sort of longevity and happiness.

"You have to be happy with what you do!" she said.

Other older people we've caught up with have said the same thing. For example, Betty Reid Soskin, 94, is thought to be the nation’s oldest active park ranger, according to the U.S. Department of the Interior. She has worked at Rosie the Riveter WWII Home Front National Historical Park in Richmond, California, since 2003.

Zhelesnik is affectionately referred to as "Granny" by her pre-kindergarten through fifth-grade students, and has no plans to retire anytime soon. 

So there you have it: living proof that passion is the key to a long, happy life. 

Watch the full clip from Zhelesnik's TV appearance below:


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