The Courageousness of Accepting Things as They Are

The Courageousness of Accepting Things as They Are
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I Ching: It is only when we have the courage to face things exactly as they are, without any self-deception on illusion. That a light will develop out of events, by which the path to success may be recognized.

One of the hardest things in life is to accept our misfortunes, our quiet times, our frustrations and our fears.

We'd all love to have only success, fun and happiness, wouldn't we? We'd love to skip the sadness, the fear, the uncertainty.

However, this is not how life works. Not all the time.

There are things we have to go through -- to grow, evolve and shed the layers to slowly unveil the core of who we truly are.

There are times when we pirouette, fall on the ground and lay idle for a while.

How can you accept those times? How can you accept dormancy and embrace stillness?

How can you make peace with the heartache you feel right now or the frustration that's in your heart without trying to run as fast as you can?

You do it with courage and heart.

You face whatever you have to face right now. Without trying to fix it. Without trying to change it. You just let it be.

Yes, it hurts. Oh, how much it hurts. But you're strong and soon it'll hurt less. And less. And less. And in no time, it'll merely be a flickering candle, spreading light, on and off. No pain. No misery. Simply a beautiful reminder of what was once affecting you to the core.

When I heard that I was having a baby -- quite to my surprise -- and the baby daddy decided to hide, I was numb. What would I do? How would I manage? Where would I go?

It stung.

I was in the middle of building a new business -- no steady income, a lot of uncertainty and moving parts.

I was a world traveler without a home base -- still no clue where I truly belonged.

I was only 26 and not ready to be a single mom -- or so I thought.

But I had no choice. I had to face my new reality -- not trying to "fix" it or change it. I accepted it and I embraced it with all my heart.

And guess what? As soon as I did, options appeared, people started to show up, support and love was all around.

That's what happens when you just accept your reality. When you stop fighting, pushing, screaming, wishing and instead open your eyes to the possibility and power you nurture within.

Fighting reality, wishing yourself into a better future, past or present is easy and comfortable. Embracing what is is not; not at first.

However, while fighting your reality might give you instant relief, embracing it with courage will give you peace for life.

So, wherever you are, whether you're unemployed, pregnant, lost, depressed or simply in a funk, begin with acceptance what is and only then can you truly begin to change.

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