The CRAZIEST Black Friday Mob Scenes (VIDEO, POLL)

The spectacle of Black Friday -- the day when consumers anxiously amass in poorly managed crowds outside chain stores to vie for discounted laptops, video game consoles, and toys, all in the spirit the holiday season -- is nearly upon us.

We previously showed you some of the best deals at those unavoidable bigbox retailers. (In case you haven't noticed, you actually can save a ton of money shopping on Black Friday.)

But to prepare you to venture out into the throng of ravenous bargain hunters, we've collected video of some of the most disturbing and hilarious mob scenes in recent Black Friday history.

If you have your own favorite footage of Black Friday madness -- or if you spot any shopping hysteria this week -- send it our way (email: huffposbiz-at-gmail-dot-com) and we'll add it to this list.

black friday

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