Pat Robertson's Most Outrageous Quotes (VIDEOS)

Pat Robertson has racked up countless on-air hours in his nearly half-century as a televangelist. Host of "The 700 Club," the premier program of the Christian Broadcasting Network, he is for many a prophetic voice of Christendom. For others, Robertson's broadcasts amount to laughable displays of ignorance, at best, and revelations of outright bigotry, at worst.

During the last month of 2011, Robertson seems to be on a roll. After predicting Divine punishment for gay rights advocacy to claiming gays can "un-acquire" homosexuality and turning mac 'n' cheese into a race issue, only one question remains: What will he say next?

HuffPost Religion has put together this list of "best of" Robertson for your consideration. What have we missed? What is your "favorite"?

The Wisdom of Pat Robertson

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